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Accountancy training program:

Whether it is a small business or large, every organization needs skilled accountants to manage the accounts and financial information. Choosing accountancy as a profession will stand you high in future as both requirement and ranking is high. FC training provides you accountancy training courses for different accountancy job rolls. These courses will help you get knowledge and skill you need for bright a career in this industry.

Accountancy Training courses:

FC training provides you different accountancy training courses which will help you get maximum skill and expertise in the field work. These accountancy training programs provide you with up to date knowledge and exposure to what is happening in the real world. Moreover FC training gives you very broad range of short accountancy courses which will enhance and improve your knowledge and skill in the given area.

There are 5 major categories of accountancy training program.

  • Book keeping and VAT
  • Book keeping and payroll
  • Accounts assistant
  • Management accounts
  • Final accounts training
  • Customized training

Short courses categories of accountancy training program

  • Audit
  • Final accounts
  • Financial modeling
  • Management accounts
  • Advanced excel
  • Payroll
  • Taxation
  • Making tax digital
  • Book keeping
  • Auto enrollment pension scheme
  • Tax return and annual return


About the courses

Above mentioned courses will give you advantage when you apply for a job as these are the skills a job requires in practical life. In an organization these skills are given during training sessions but if you have these skills beforehand that will ensure your job as the organization will prefer you over other candidates which give you an edge.

The major categories of accountancy courses provide you a broad range of accountancy according to different job rolls. Value added tax is an indirect consumption tax charged on product on different levels of production. Book keeping and VAT course trains you so you can work on field with maximum expertise. Similarly, book keeping and payrolldeals with keeping track of tax on salaries of employees in accordance with income tax law. Accounting assistant gives service at an administrated level taking simpler tasks and assist accountant.

FC training also gives an option of choosing customized training which is a blend of all major categories of accountancy training program. You can chose your customized combination this is especially helpful when you have already have skill and knowledge and you just want to improve it.

Why chose accountancy courses at FC training program

  • We deliver hand on accountancy training with ease, you can easily keep pace around your schedule
  • We have a successful track record of accountancy job placement
  • Our main focus is on practical training rather than academic knowledge, it will give you a competitive edge in the field work
  • With the help of quizzes, group discussions and interview sessions you will be able to build up your confidence
  • We will provide you with latest software knowledge and give you access to these software that will increase your experience and practice in the field.
  • Our qualified trainers will be always available to guide you
  • Guidance on salary negotiations and interview skills
  • Once training is done will always be available for further guidance in job

Who is this course for?

Accountancy training is for anyone who wants to start or enhance their career in Accountancy job market


There are no formal requirements for Accountancy Training course

Career path

Jobs you can apply for after this training

  • Bookkeepers
  • Accounts clerks
  • VAT Managers
  • Tax Associates

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