Negotiating Salary

What is Salary negotiation? That’s right; the name says it all, discussing salary and benefits package with the employer that has offered you a job role. 

Negotiations usually include all aspects of compensation, including salary, bonuses, stock options, benefits, perks, vacation, and more.

Salary Negotiation Tips

1. Getting the salary information: It is beneficial to have an idea of the appropriate pay range for your experience, industry and location. Many components can affect the amount of pay you receive, like the level of education or type of degree, your professional experience, your skill set, your references, and how to perform in an interview. You can browse through the internet to get a sense of what constitutes fair pay for your role, experience level and location. Sites like, and provide information for various job titles and occupations.

2. Wait for the appropriate time: Now you know what you know your worth; it’s time to negotiate. But how do you get started?? Start by being very patient. When interviewing don’t bring the topic first, wait until the interviewer makes the offer.

3. Resist throwing the first number: If you are asked what your salary requirements are, don’t start throwing up numbers instead say that they are based upon the position and the overall compensation package. Tell the employers that you want to know more about the responsibilities and challenges of the job prior to discussing salary.

4. Take your time: If you are cornered to say the numbers provide the salary range based upon the research you have done. Once you’ve received the offer, don’t accept or decline it right away, “I need to think it over” can get you an increase in the original offer. 

5. Consider saying no: If you are doubtful about the question, a “no” can bring you a better offer too. But careful don’t decline a job that you need or want.

6. Negotiate Benefits: If the salary can’t be negotiated try negotiating the employee benefits and perks. 

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Negotiating Salary
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Negotiating Salary
What is Salary negotiation? That's right; the name says it all, discussing salary and benefits package with the employer that has offered you a job role.
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