How to become an investment banker in the UK

What is an investment banker?

When companies and municipalities want to raise capital to support their operations, they go to an investment bank for help. An investment banker operates with these organizations to fund or find customers for securities such as bonds or stock to boost the organization’s capital requirements.

About securities, investment bankers can use complicated procedures such as initial public offerings and acquisitions. To do this effectively, they must have a good understanding of the economic markets and the legal criteria that investment banks and their customers must fulfill for each phase.

Moreover, an investment banker offers corporate customers with financial services by helping them raising the capital needed for investment. They could also spend one day purchasing and selling securities.

What are the duties of an investment banker?

Following mentioned are the duties of the investment banker job:

  • They assist their customers in raising money on capital markets by issuing debt or selling corporate assets.
  • Advise them on the matters of investment opportunities
  • Assist clients with mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Perform different techniques of valuation
  • Offer recommendations on private equity transactions
  • Prepare and review customer funding materials, including investment memoranda and management presentations
  • Building enhance partnerships with the new and existing clients for the growth of the business
  • Perform thorough research, investigation, analysis on the transaction records
  • Knowledge of current economic issues and news
  • Present outcomes for the decision-making process
  • Provide facts that made better decisions for their investors
  • They help in educating and convincing customers

Investment Banker Training in the UK

Notable training programs are becoming an investment banker in the UK is being provided by a range of approved training centres in the country. Recent bachelor graduates typically begin in analyst positions and have to complete a training program before starting their work.

The period of these training programs may vary, but they introduce fresh analysts to accounting, risk, markets, evaluation of financial statements, and financial modelling principles. Furthermore, candidates may often opt for advanced training after the successful completion of the initial training program.

Investment banks frequently take on interns from undergraduates and graduates and provide training and mentoring to them that proves to be beneficial for those who want to acquire knowledge and create professional connections. However, these interns usually perform the same duties as the professional analysts perform, such as collecting financial data, working with economic models, and communicating with clients.

How to become an investment banker in the UK?

Following skills and qualifications are required to become an investment banker in the UK.

  • Bachelors and an associate degree in economics, finance, business or related field
  • Professional certification of an investment banker from a UK based firm
  • Work experience of an investment banker in the UK
  • In-depth knowledge of valuation and M&As
  • Commercial and financial awareness
  • Strong background in mathematics
  • Proficiency in MS Office especially Excel and VBA
  • A deeper understanding of the developments of financial markets
  • Strong communication and networking skills
  • Excellent research and analytical skills
  • Potential to meet deadlines

What are the possible career opportunities?

An investment banker can work in a variety of areas of an investment bank that may include corporate finance, debt capital markets or equity capital markets. Usually, you begin in a subordinate role like an analyst or a partner. These positions of two to three years will offer you the training to advance to the stage of associates. You can then move to a senior role with further experience and preparation, managing both analysts and partners.

Moreover, there is also a chance for getting promoted to director positions after 10-15 years of working in the sector. To advance to higher positions, you will need to demonstrate real dedication to the career path. Reliable performance and a willingness to succeed are essential to progress.

The average starting salaries of investment bankers are around £ 30,000 to £ 40,000 that rises to £ 50,000 after three or more years. Those with substantial experience may earn approximately £ 150,000.

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How to become an investment banker in the UK
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How to become an investment banker in the UK
An investment banker may perform in several investment bank fields which may include corporate finance, debt capital markets, or equity capital markets.
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